Translation services are available for text formats and video formats in French, English and Spanish (and more if requested). Please send a message or call for a quote.

Culture & Tourism


Appeal to a wider and international audience and have your promotional videos, website, brochures, articles available in multiple languages.

Industry & Agriculture


Use translated manuals, technical documents, brochures and websites to cater to the North-American market. Target industries in Canada, the US and Mexico. 

Politics & International Affairs

Get official documents, websites, forms translated for international liaisons or political affairs.

Healthcare & Medicine

Be it for informational brochures, forms, online documents, articles,  healthcare campaigns or video capsules, provide your patients or clients with clear and understandable documents that will suit their very needs.

​Environment & Development


Get official documents, websites, forms translated for international broadcasting, informational campaigns, videos and documents.

Marketing & Slogans​


A slogan cannot be translated word-for-word. Alexandra Harfouche is a creative Francophone slogan writer.

Adaptation & localization

Adaptation and localization of your content or product enables you to meet the linguistic, cultural, and regional requirements of a target market.